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13 Small Ways That Sex Can Help You Live Much Longer

13 Small Ways That Sex Can Help You Live Much Longer

13 Small Ways That Sex Can Help You Live Much Longer

What is sex, really? What does it do? For one, it releases hormones that make one happy and hyper. Sex can be considered a lot of things. It is mainly a way to express love – that’s why people call it making love or lovemaking. It is also a way to give and take pleasure. It can be a hobby; it can be a recreational activity. Yes, sex can be a lot of things.

But did you know that apart from all these good things, sex can give you something else that will make you really thankful for it? Sex can add years to your life. That’s right – sex will make you live longer. As if the pleasure is not enough to thank sex for, apparently sex can give you more years to, well, enjoy sex more. How cool is that?

How exactly can sex help you live longer? It’s a good thing you asked. Here are 13 small ways that sex may help you live much longer:

1. Sex May Help You Burn Calories

Let’s face it. Only a very few selected people love to go to the gym. The rest of us are too busy making excuses not to go. If you want to lose those calories, but you are too tired or busy to go to the gym or do anything that resembles exercise, don’t worry. Sex can do that for you.

In an average, sex can burn 4.5 calories per minute during the action. Multiply that to the number of minutes you last, plus the number of times you have sex and you got yourself an equation for fitness. You get to enjoy making love while losing weight. Think of it as having the privilege to eat your most favorite dessert without worrying about getting fat. That’s not bad.

2. Sex Helps You Learn To Control Your Bladder

Bladder control – you may have it under control now, but a well-tamed bladder can be useful when you age. Thankfully, sex helps you to develop a control over your bladder instead of it controlling you. You know, in those untimely moments when you bladder chooses to play up.

When you thrust your pelvic muscles during sex, it develops the Kegel muscles, which are responsible to control the flow of your urine. As your Kegel muscles strengthen, you also get to rule over your bladder and control it.

3. Sex Might Help Your Immunity To Infections

Increases Your Immunity To InfectionsNobody likes infections, and nobody likes the things you need to go through with these infections. That is why it is easier to just prevent infections in the first place.

Studies reveal that people who have sex often have higher levels of immunoglobin A, an antibody that helps to fight off viruses and infection-carrying bacteria.

This simply means that having sex often may reduce your risks of getting infections. Sex is protecting your from something painful and quite possibly large expenses for treatments.

4. Sex Could Improve Your Smelling Sense

After an orgasm, prolactin surges up in the blood stream. Prolactin is a hormone that works with the olfactory nerves to strengthen the sense of smell. Prolactin also triggers a part of the brain to bring back memories in connection to sex. So basically, it all goes back to sex. If you have more sex, your sense of smell will be a lot healthier. It’s probably often taken for granted, but the sense of smell is pretty important for your overall well-being.

5. Sex May Reduce The Risks Of Getting Prostate Cancer

Reduces The Risks Of Getting Prostate CancerProstate cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men due to cancer. An average of 14 in every 100 men gets diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, with a mortality rate of 0.21 percent in the entire male population diagnosed. That was just to make you aware, but of course, sex can have a way around that.

Studies show that men in their 20’s who ejaculate five or more times weekly have lower risks of getting prostate cancer as compared to those who rarely ejaculates. Older men who have had an active sex life in their younger years may have lower risks of getting prostate cancer.

6. Sex Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

This one’s about your self esteem and confidence in yourself. Having sex releases happy hormones that can make one think positively. If you have sex often, you will be happy often. Being happy will make you feel good about yourself and remove all insecurities. Sex will also put you in a good mood often which, in reality, is something that every one needs. So if you are feeling a little down or depressed, you have one answer to take all that away.

7. Sex Might Even Out Your Blood Pressure

Sex is an action that your body needs to practice your circulatory strain moreover. On the off chance that you have hypertension or low pulse and you require a reset, sex is one approach. Consistent sex will make your circulatory strain level out, particularly at particular times of the day. This likewise implies sex can battle hypertension. In the event that you need to avert it or in the event that you are as of now battling off this infection, you ought to realize that having intercourse frequently can be a sound approach to treat hypertension.

8. Sex Can Reduce Your Stress

The possibility of sex as an anxiety reliever originates from the possibility that when everything in you is excessively influenced and worried, sex can be the response to quiet yourself. This is on the grounds that the body discharges oxytocin amid climax. Oxytocin is a hormone that can quiet your nerves. Stress

At the point when oxytocin is discharged after climax, you will see a mind-boggling sentiment unwinding a while later. In spite of the fact that this inclination may continuously decrease, the hormone is as of now gushing through your blood and helps you remain quiet and gathered, even in the most panicky of minutes.

9. Sex Could Make Your Hormones Regulate Properly And Regularly

Your body has hormones – loads of various types of hormones – and each of them has a particular capacity in your body. Sex discharges a few sorts of hormones that can help in making you can rest easy, make you hunger for more sex, rest better and live more. When you have intercourse and discharge these hormones, you are putting these hormones to utilize. That implies they will control appropriately and frequently, which is a sound activity for the body.

10. Sex Could Make You Look Younger

MMake You Look Youngerake you look younger okay, so you know how sex will make you play Judas on stress and make you like yourself? The result of that is a certain something: you may look more youthful.

When you engage in sexual relations regularly, your body will discharge the cheerful hormones and other positive hormones that will keep those wrinkles from indicating too soon.

This could make you look more youthful and fresher. The more you engage in sexual relations, the more youthful you may look. Sex is your most individual plastic specialist without the substantial bill.

11. Sex May Cure Headaches And Other Physical Pains

Here’s another oxytocin grant. The hormone, oxytocin that your body discharges amid sex is equipped for lessening torments like migraines, toothaches and different sorts of hurts and body torments. That implies when you have a cerebral pain, rather on snapping at everybody on account of your inconvenience, figure out how to have some sex, and have your migraine cured.

12. Sex May Fight The Flu And Common Cold

Flu And Common ColdIn view of the capacity of sex to shield you from diseases, obviously sex can likewise help you battle this season’s flu virus and colds. Much the same as the disease guideline, engaging in sexual relations regularly builds the antibodies in your circulatory system, which makes it harder for influenza or colds to enter.

Regardless of the possibility that you ought to be savvy and get yourself an immunization from this season’s flu virus, you have another alternative, and that is to have intercourse routinely. Be sheltered and get an influenza shot, however.

13. Sex Could Lower Your Risks Of Cardiovascular Problems

The greater part of the ones said above consolidated, in addition to the way that sex is one type of a cardio work out, sex can lessen the dangers of heart issues. Studies and measurements have uncovered that having intercourse frequently can prompt to a more advantageous heart. It can likewise counteract stroke, heart failure and other heart related issues. Since the heart is a critical part of the body and your reality, you owe to this vital organ to ensure that it remains sound. You can do that through regular sex.

do exercise regularly do practice regularly everyone needs to live more. Individuals go to a great deal of push to ensure that they are sufficiently solid to survive their 70’s, 80’s and past.

Some eat steadily, some do practice frequently, and some abstain from anything undesirable out and out. Be that as it may, some – you know the truly savvy ones who know how to take advantage of what they have – they engage in sexual relations, and loads of it.

Yes, sex may add years to your life. Essentially, on the off chance that you need to live more, you must have a considerable measure of sex, as well. Be savvy and be protected, however. Numerous seniors are contracting STDs, since they don’t think they require assurance any more.

Condoms are not only to prevent pregnancy. They can avert STDs, so on the off chance that you are not in a long haul relationship and certain beyond a shadow of a doubt it is protected to abandon one, be sheltered and snatch a condom first.

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