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How you as a Consultant or Kwikweb Sales Agents can sell the websites

Step 2: Agree on a price with the client and click on the Buy Site button.

Step 3: A head office graphic designer will make contact with the client and make all the required changes to the website.


Q: What if the client does not like any of the available websites?
A: Tell the client we can design anything they like. They must just give us a sample of a website that they like and we’ll make sure we design something that will make them happy.

Q: How much can I sell the website for?
A: Anything up to R3,500

Q: How much is the monthly hosting cost that the client has to pay?
A: R150+VAT

Q: Are there any other costs that the client needs to pay?
A: Yes. R150 to register a domain name. This fee is payable once a year. Clients can also enter into a voluntary maintenance contract with the Consultant where the Consultant will do a certain amount of monthly maintenance. This is typically between R100 and R200 extra per month.

Q. How much of the selling price does the sales agent receive?
It depends on two things:
how much work still needs to be done to the website
The deal the salesman has with his or her website consultant/designer

The average website is sold for R2500 and there are design costs of R700 which leaves R1800 for the sales agent. See the Explanation of website prices for a more details on this. (below)


Explanation of website prices and split of money

A website in the warehouse can be sold by any registered Kwikweb Consultant or a registered Kwikweb Sales Agent. (A sales agent works under a consultant)

A Consultant would typically be responsible for:
-amendments to the website
-adding content to the website and/or
-training the client in the use of the system

A Sales Agent would typically just sell the website and hand it over to his or her Consultant for completion.

A Sales A gent and Consultant would normally have a standard deal how they split the selling price.

The following deductions needs to be made from the selling price to determine how much revenue is left for the Sales Agent and/or Consultant (the deduction goes towards the graphic designers that design and amend the warehouse websites):

Scenario 1:

The Consultant buys the pre built website and he/she makes all the required changes such as replacing the sample logo with the client own logo as well as changing colours etc. The consultant will also still need to load the client content (text, documents and photo galleries etc).
The head office designer will charge R300

Scenario 2:
As above, but the head office designers will assist the consultant to load the client logo and/or put the client name in the sample logo and change the website colours
The consultant will still need to load the client content (text, documents and photo galleries etc)
The head office designer will charge R400

Scenario 3:

As above, but the warehouse designers will also do this:
-Build a custom slideshow
-Design custom buttons
-Any other graphics that are required
The consultant will still need to load the client content (text, documents and photo galleries etc)
Head office designer will charge R700

As above plus content loading (max 30 pages)
Head office designer will charge R1,200

Additional services, payable separately:

Designing of new logo (3 sample logos) R500
Professional content writing (500 words) R700


Example 1:

Johnny is a Kwikweb consultant and he sells a website for R2,500. He asks the warehouse staff to load of the clients logo and changing of colours of the site. This service costs him R400. He therefore receives R2100 nett for the sale.

Example 2:

Portia is a sales agent and sell s a website for R2,000. All the graphical work is outsourced, which costs R700 which leave a balance of R1300. David is the web consultant that is linked to Portia and David is OK with only receiving the monthly revenue on this client and he foregoes any share in the website selling price. That leaves R1,300 for Portia.

Example 3:

Sandy is a sales agent linked to Wendy, who is a web consultant.

Sandy and Wendy has a deal that Sandy can receive the whole selling price of any website that Sandy sells less R500 which goes to Wendy. Sandy sells a website for R3,000 and she therefore receives R2,500. Wendy does all the graphical work herself so she only needs to pay R300 to the warehouse. She is happy because she still makes R200 upfront but more importantly, she gets a monthly commission and she can negotiate a monthly maintenance contract with the client.

Example 4:

Stephen is a web consultant and he outsources everything to the warehouse st aff. He sells a website for R2,500 and the warehouse charges him R1200 for the complete website and content. He makes a clean profit of R1,300 plus he receives the monthly commission as well as the the monthly maintenance fees (if applicable).

WEBSITE COST Monthly hosting cost Register a domain name Monthly maintenance
Anything up to R3500 R150+VAT R150 R100 – R200

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