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What Happened To The Different Ethic Groups in South In Africa?

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Yesterday my Dionnebox.com site was down and I felt like crying like a baby the way I missed you guys, I needed to post something for you about South Africa during the apartheid years. I wrote about the racism how they differentiated between different ethic groups.  The were only four groups recognized Whites, Coloureds, Indians and Blacks

South Africa  South Africa  South Africa   South Africa  South Africa


Blacks in real life in South Africa were the majority, then Whites if I could speak out of  corrections, then Coloureds and Indians. We lived in different areas, The Groups  Areas Act which the Whites was the ruling party , Coloured and Indians had the second rights and Blacks nothing. Blacks were the majority  with different culture groups, like Sepedi’s, Tswana’s , Zulu’s, Tshonga’s, Shangaan’s, Sotho’s , Ndebele’s and the list goes on.

South africa


South Africa


South africa




We separated by groups Whites we living in town and around town like bees protecting their queen.  The Coloureds Lived in areas surrounding were the Whites lived and Blacks places far away from town either near the Coloureds our Indians. Besides Whites the Coloureds and Indians could go were ever they wanted but Blacks could only go into town when they parents were working there, at the Whites houses as domestic workers.


If entered town the policemen would question them and throw them in that big police vans and be jailed. They always had to carry on the something to identify them, They called it a dom (stupid) pass. A dom  pass was like an identification, identifying a stupid. They called us  the K word (Kaffer) that means someone that don’t believe in God

The Casspir, an armoured personnel carrier used by the SAP


But to live like a king is to work like a slave. We had to work hard to earn a living to can have something on the table to eat .

There are a diffe

rent in places where people stay in South Africa. During the Apartheid regime we were divided  in different groups, in those days when you were a White you would stay in town and surrounding areas around town and the so called Coloureds and Indians would stay in area near the White that is also called suburbs.

The reason being that they felt safer near these groups then the blacks. the blacks would stay in areas away from town and behind the Coloureds and Indians these areas would they call Townships


Town Houses


Suburbs were areas were the Whites stay central/town and the Coloureds and Indians would stay in surround area around them. The benefits of staying in those area was that you have at least have half the permission to visit in town at a permitted time with out being questioned,

Houses for Coloureds

The  big houses was built by the apartheid government for whites and municipality houses was for all the other groups. These house in the suburbs was built as five room house with 2 bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen and bath room and later they build flats and 2 room houses with a kitchen and dining room and toilet outside and 3 room houses  with a kitchen, sleeping room and dining room and toilet outside. These houses were rented by these Coloured and Indian people and later were given title deeds for the 5 room house and the other house is still rented


In the suburbs schools was in reach cause these areas was very small. Each area had 1 Primary School

and there was only one high School. The stationary was given free to these communities and Afrikaans as the first language


Townships were areas were Blacks stayed areas were at night you could only see smoke because of the fire. The fire as made in tins, empty paint containers with holes in it and coals was used. The women would cook outside of the house and later arm thems selfs by sitting around it after finish cooking

Houses for Blacks

In the townships blacks only owned houses 4 roomed houses, a kitchen, dining room,  2 bed rooms and  a toilet far outside the house built with mortar bricks low quality bricks. Later when Nelson Mandela was released and became President, people start buying houses in surburbs and RDP houses as built for those with a low income


Schools was a luxury to them the had one or two schools in the whole township and they had to buy stationary sometimes they would attend class  under a tree. The schools had no windows nor doors and in winter it was very cold in those class rooms and under those trees.

But after 1994 things changed Nelson Mandela was released and model c school start to open. Model C Schools  as school almost the same as the Whites but your parents must earn a good salary to afford to pay for your school fees. But Mandela changed a lot of those things cause you could attend any school you wished too no more only in townships,

I would like to talk about the different cultural meals and ethic groups how they lived. If you need me to post it please comment on this post.

Watch this blog for more of this to come.Talk later

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