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Woodluv Luxury Bamboo Bath Bridge Tub Caddy Tray Rack Bathroom Shelf

  I bought this to replace my rusty chrome bath rack with the explicit reason of having something secure to put my glass of wine and mobile on during a long leisurely soak!! It certainly does the job and it looks really good at the same time.
The only thing lacking is rubber feet on the outside arms to ensure it doesn’t slip if nudged, however this isn’t a major problem and one that can easily be overcome.

  • Made from 100% Natural Eco-friendly bamboo.
  • Luxury Expandable Bamboo Sides to fit any size Bath tub.
  • Product Dimenstions :70 x 22 x 4 cms Approx. ( Length Extends to 97.5) )
  • Features include a built in Mobile Holder or Soap Holder,iPad,book support and slide-in glass holder
  • Very Durable and high strength product

Made from 100% Natural Eco Friendly Natural Bamboo With Natural Honey Colour; Bamboo is not a tree-it’s a grass;its also the fastest growing plant on Earth making it a highly Renwable Resource;Products Made of bamboo are densier than Oak or Maple and are guranteed to last Longer making it better Alternative to Hardwoods, High Strength and Durable Product, Product Dimenstions L70 X W22.5 X 4cms Approx ( Length Extends to – 97.5)

Unique Desig Brass Waterfall RGB LED Bathroom Sink Faucet Basin Mixer Tap Chrome


Looks lovely in my mums bathroom. Had this fitted to a 500mm and when the tap is turned on the water is contained to the basin but I would not advise purchasing this if your sink is smaller than that as the water would end up on the floor. Unique Desig Brass Waterfall RGB LED Bathroom Sink Faucet Basin Mixer Tap Chrome

ZAR 871.54Specifications


Chrome Brass Waterfall Bathroom Basin Faucet Single Handle Hole Sink Mixer Tap

  • Solid and firm brass construction
  • Stunning chrome finish to create a smooth metallic look
  • Durable ceramic valve to avoid leaking
  • Single lever handle for ease of use
  • Single hole desk mounted easy installation
  • They need to permit water to stream effortlessly past and should never obstruct flood gap.Having said that, gives proceed onward to helping you a chance to pick the correct one for your washbasin.At the point when restroom bowls are fabricated the flood is left as an open, regularly generally cast deplete gap and however clean you figure out how to get it, it can look exposed, incomplete and ugly.Why would it be a good idea for you to need to take a gander at that consistently?The more costly bowls have alluring trims to enrich these flood gaps.

    Restroom bowls and vanity sinks arrive in a vast assortment of shapes and sizes yet the dominant part have one single round flood opening, for the most part at the back under the taps. The most widely recognized size for the gap is in the vicinity of 22mm and 23mm, what used to be called 7/8 of an inch.

    The reason the opening size fluctuates marginally is on the grounds that sinks are produced using stoneware which is then let go in ovens, so while they are made to extremely demanding gauges they can’t be made to flawless sizes because of the generation strategies utilized.

    So any embed you pick should be adaptable and have enough spring in it to fit cozily in the opening.

    Obviously on the off chance that you found that it was a marginally free fit a spread of silicone sealer would rapidly take care of the issue, ( this functions admirably for all aside from the tripod spring sorts).

    As a general guideline the sorts that are comprised of two separate pieces are more adaptable and powerful, since the white inward part is made of springy plastic.

    There are various outlines accessible, from straightforward ring sorts that simply cover the edges of the gap, to more intricate ones that really conceal the opening totally.

    A few sorts sit flush with the surface of the bowl, while others, more often than not the sort that shroud the opening sit somewhat glad.

    On the off chance that you have a little vanity bowl having a flush fitting supplement may be superior to having one that sits pleased, however even the most expand sorts just stand out a couple of millimeters.

    The sort you put into your bowl will involve individual taste. All the distinctive sorts accessible will take a gander at home in many restrooms.

    Don’t simply purchase the least expensive, there are a considerable measure of dealers offering disgraceful Chinese duplicates. Shoddy things aren’t great quality and great quality things aren’t modest. Let’s be honest the genuine article will cost next to no additional, thinking of you as will be taking a gander at it consistently when you brush your teeth.

    Basically pick the one that will look best in your bowl in your lavatory and recollect that you get what you pay for.

    Continuously attempt to purchase from a built up authority shop that provisions the exchange as opposed to a general handymen trader who offers a touch of everything, that way they can without much of a stretch send you a substitution on the off chance that anything isn’t right.

    A decent provider will deliver the embed to you painstakingly bundled keeping in mind the end goal to ensure it, as they could be effortlessly harmed something else.

    When you get the embed look carefully for scratches and little pits in the surface, these defects won’t not look much but rather they will lessen the life of your embed extensively. In the event that the surface is hollowed or scratched request a substitution or a discount. Anything not as much as the best quality will make your bowl look shabby.

    You need a top quality thing that has dependably been wrapped exclusively, not one that been rattling round free in a pack with bunches of others. On the off chance that it doesn’t touch base in an individual defensive box then essentially send it back or request a discount.

    As dependably on eBay check the dealers criticism to perceive what other individuals say in regards to them, take a note of any negative input they may have.

    To fit, delicately push the embed into the opening utilizing an even weight all over, if important utilize a little cleanser to simplicity fitting.

    In the event that you have a ton of trouble pushing the embed into the flood opening it is likely that the gap is somewhat under estimated. In these cases your most solid option is the sort that comprise of the shield and a different white plastic hold ring as they are the most adaptable.

    Cleaning is best finished with somewhat tender cleaning up fluid or cleanser on a delicate material and after that flush with water.

    On the off chance that you have any inquiries simply ask the dealer.

Chrome Brass Waterfall Bathroom Basin Faucet Single Handle Hole Sink Mixer Tap

Bathroom 8″ Rain Shower Faucet Tub Mixer Tap Ceiling Mount Chrome Shower Sprayer
I’ve always been a fan of chrome – the sleek, silvery and neat look – I just think it’s perfect. And when I saw this, I knew that this is exactly what I wanted. Not only does it have the color and finish that I want, but it also came with different features which I also loved – the hand shower, the LED lights – I chose the one with the LED lights, although there’s an option without one. I just though I’d be happier with the LED lights.

Products Detail:
Solid brass rough-in valve

Serviceable check valves and strainers
Ceramic Disc Technology
Pre-set maximum temperature 104ºf
Automatic anti scald device
Recommended pressure for best performance 2 to 75 psi
½” NPT Inlets and Outlets Compatible with standard US plumbing connections
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