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Home Business Ideas with  No Investment

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HSC Manell Traders  businesses are the hottest business opportunities provided you have interest & knowledge in starting a business. Here are some of the business ideas you can start with either very low or no investment.

  1. Home Business

This is the easiest way to start a home business from home. There are number of options in this category and most of these home businesses are free to start.

We have created one of the best  package to start these online businesses. So you can signup for free to get this training package.

  1. Lunch pack and Juice pack Hampers

Now we shall look at series of businesses that can be started . You just need to have few customers and phone or laptop with email.

You start looking for customers that need to order these hampers. Every household needs it. Take orders monthly send orders via email,deposit money into account and we deliver. You keep your commission.

However the main investment is your passion for selling. You can turn this hobby into a business.

  1. Perfume business


Buy our fragrances and other products at wholesale prices. Join thousands of successful HSC Manell traders agents who sell our products and earn extra income for yourself. These high quality fragrances are already known across the country for their quality and affordability. At HSC/Moss our extensive experience of the fragrance industry, together with our keen awareness of South African consumer demands, empowers

us to dedicate ourselves to providing a wide range of outstanding quality fragrances and other products at affordable prices. HSC perfumes is offering entrepreneurs the chance to buy and sell these quality products at affordable prices. Explore the wide range of 50ml popular ladies’ and men’s fragrances, 250ml body lotions and 75ml roll-on deodorants. Perfume essential ingredients are

sourced from the best fragrance houses in Grasse, France. Sell these high quality custom blended perfumes and other products from home, work, your shop or from anywhere else. HSC perfumes offers a simple and flexible system (no multi-level commissions) You keep 100 percent of your profit from your Sales.

  1. Toilet paper business  

We specialise in selling toilet tissue from 100% virgin pulp. While we do have a range of quality paper products, our main focus is virgin paper products. All of our products are designed to fully meet your hygiene needs. We guarantee professional and speedy delivery at a very competitive price.

  1. Meat suppliers

HSC Manell Traders (Pty) Ltd is  meat suppliers placing strong emphasis on providing the best quality meat at the lowest prices. A customer can buy a whole lamb, pork or a beef hind quarter. The price list supplied guides you with what we can supply.

  1. Frozen veggies

We are dedicated to providing top quality frozen veggies and related businesses

Here at  HSC Manell Traders (Pty) Ltd we understand that in these days everyone is living life at a crazy pace, we also understand that living healthy and living life to the fulluest need to go hand in hand. We strive to give you a healthy great tasting product.

Our products are all “IQF” being Individual Quick Frozen. All the fruits are peeled, chopped and frozen within a short period of time after picking, meaning all the nutrients, colour and most importantly the flavor is sealed in

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