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Are you looking for a ground level affiliate program opportunity?


Dear HBIAO Affiliates,

Are you  looking for a ground level affiliate program opportunity that will allow you to promote ( Websites, Ebooks, Clothing etc……) and earn generous recurring  commission?

If so, the HBIAO Affiliate Program is the affiliate program you are looking for

We have been in the affiliate program business for almost 10 years and the commission earning has grown tremendously ever since. all the money awaits you in this affiliate program. It is free and you can get rewards if you manage to recruit new affiliates. 


Plus if you sign and sell a product you get 5% commission  your sales and you recruit a down line member you get 2.5% if that member make a sale.Your down line get a member under him that make a sale you get 2.5% and so it goes the more members and their down lines you earn more. For example if you get someone to buy a website and that customer pays $100 you get 5% and your down lines get prospect customers you get 2.5% of their sales . If you can make $1000 a day by the end of the month you can earn $30,000 pm

What are you waiting for? Get started now and if only you are serious about this you may reach us at support@dionnebox.com. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. 


David Noughten Manell

(CEO HBIAO Affiliate Programs)

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