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  • 7 Foods That Cause Joint Pain By Josef Bichler
    Most diseases emanate from the stomach. Certain foods cause joint pain. Therefore it is important to avoid such foods to reduce the risk of experiencing …. therefore replace foods that have omega 6 fatty acids with anti inflammatory omega 3 substitutes like fish oil, nuts, olive oil, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.
  • 10 Facts About Steroids – By Vera Riley By Justin Seeley
    When someone talks about steroids they are either referring to the ones prescribed by the doctors or the anabolic steroids taken illegally by body builders …. different types dependent on what kind of effects the buyer wants to see. A few of the secondary types of steroids are cortisol, estrogen and progesterone.
  • Know the Profound Truths of Universe and Importance of Soul By Rich Evv
    Human beings are inquisitive by nature. They are always curious to know mysterious secrets about the world, its origin, their own existence and more. When …. person gets to know the purpose of his life, he or she feels enlightened and inner peace. This also brings about emotional stability and moral values.
  • The Top 5 Foods That Cause Joint Pain By Josef Bichler
    According to the CDC there are currently 50 million Americans who suffer from some form of joint pain such as arthritis or gout. For many people this pain …. inflammation and pain. Wheat’s role as a food that causes pain in joints is one of the main reasons that many people are eliminating it from their diet.
  • 1 Single Pound Of Body Fat is Equal to Three Thousand, Five Hundred Calories By John Printman
    There are three thousand, five hundred calories in one pound of body fat. Hence, if you lower or work off just three thousand, five hundred calories, you …. calories without it being so much of a challenge. Make sure that you keep centered, inspired and focused. You will shed the unwanted weight very quickly.
  • Training the Metabolism By Daniel Green
    Your metabolism consists of all the chemical processes by which your body produces energy and assimilates new material to maintain, replace, and build …. over a period of 3 to 9 weeks made significant progress, and what is more important they made this progress when every other form of training had failed.
  • Understanding What Makes Up A Healthy Snacks List By Josef Bichler
    Each of us is looking for new ways through which we can do more for our body in terms of health and that is why it’s only natural that we would like …. nutrients. With that being said, if you’re looking for a healthy snacks list, then this is the one you should consider. Enjoy the new change in diet.
  • Top 10 Healthy Foods To Eat While Pregnant By Josef Bichler
    During pregnancy, women often get misled by the false notion of binging for two. Although, its true that you’ll need those extra calories during your …. baby’s growth but also to ensure that those excess pounds don’t creep in and increase an uncomfortable feeling towards the end of your pregnancy.
  • Healthy Things To Eat For Lunch And Healthy Meal Options For Lunchtime By Josef Bichler
    If the only thing you eat during lunchtime is a sandwich and a bag of potato chips, or something similar, then you are not alone. Most of us do not spend …. Edible items such as these are merely a poor excuse for lunch. If you really want to eat healthy, then consider the above healthy things to eat for lunch.
  • What a Detox Diet Entails By Josef Bichler
    Frequent consumption of spicy and heavy foods compromises the digestive health and renders one more vulnerable to intestinal disorders. The system gets …. water. To vary the flavor and taste, stir in coconut milk. Eat buttermilk or yogurt as you follow soup diets. You may sauté the vegetables in olive oil.
  • Bleaching Pen Is A Teeth Whitening Product By Tommy Barton
    One option when it comes to whitening teeth at home is a bleaching pen. A bleaching pen is similar in design to a laundry stain treating pen. It’s …. very effective when it comes to whitening teeth. Studies have shown that the gel only whitens teeth a little bit, about as much as a whitening toothpaste.
  • What’s the Big Power of Micro Greens? By Emily Morris
    Are you eating microgreens in your lunches or dinners? If not, now is the time to learn about the big nutritional benefits to these tiny greens! Micro …. pie tin & small bag of potting mix are all you need to get started (and the seeds, of course!) so there’s hardly an up-front cost on time or supplies.
  • Ultimate Guide to Creating a Healthy Grocery List By Josef Bichler
    Health is the only wealth that you can truly pride in. Having said this, it is not enough to know this fact and do nothing; you have the power to make …. know that these options will enhance food taste making your experience a pleasurable one. Condiments: 1) Cinnamon 2) Chili powder 3) Stevia
  • The Compositions, Functions and health benefits of Banana By Olusola Coker
    After the apple, banana is the most consumed fruit in the world. Banana can be eaten anywhere without need for a napkin or a knife. But more than anything …. the mouth, proper digestion is facilitated by chewing the banana well, mixing it with saliva, this is because the starch content is difficult to digest.
  • Simple & Natural Ways to Detox Your Body By Abdul Gaffer
    Do you feel tired, sluggish, or just plain unhealthy? If so, the answer to your problems may lay in a body detox, also commonly known as a body cleanse …. part to the elimination of solid foods. You need to conserve your energy; therefore, strenuous exercise is not recommended while on a juice or water fast.

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