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Why is Christmas? An autumn Christmas To Enjoy

Why is Christmas? An autumn Christmas To Enjoy

Why is Christmas? An autumn Christmas To EnjoyFor quite a long time, we have been stating that Christmas has turned into a business undertaking, with a lot of accentuation on shopping and purchasing.

What’s more, we frequently say that Christmas is truly in regards to getting a charge out of fine sustenance with family and companions, yet perhaps that isn’t exactly right either.

The occasion is currently gone before by unlimited articles and syndicated programs offering tips on the best way to “survive” a couple of hours of eating fine sustenance with family and companions.

The anxiety and blame connected with those wanton luxuries and social circumstances has achieved a level where individuals feel that they can’t adapt to it all alone.

This unquestionably has nothing to do with the significance of Christmas, and every one of us must figure out how to genuinely appreciate commending the introduction of the Prince of Peace.

Christmas in the past just never seemed enough: Not enough cards, not enough presents, not enough time for all this stuff. When really I was surrounded by friends and family, plenty of food, plenty of drink, lights and ornaments on the tree. Well this Christmas seems to have cured me; there’s no money for all the fuss. But I’m happy to be finding I don’t miss it much. I have food and clothes and warmth and a roof up above. Guess I’d forgotten all along, the meaning is simple: Love.
The odds of a white Christmas, until recently a long shot, are now bleak enough to worry Rudolph. This is a curse for those who love winter, a blessing for those who dread it.

For both groups, memories of Chicago weather fade quickly. Otherwise no one would live here. But we remember the Groundhog Day blizzard of 2011: Power lines down. Heating bills up. Cul-de-sacs unplowed. School canceled, then canceled again the next day. Cars trapped on Lake Shore Drive.

So in October, when the long-range forecasters at Accu Weather.com and elsewhere predicted a particularly harsh winter ahead, we braced for another protracted snow Armageddon. Chicago and surrounding municipalities topped off their salt bins and launched training programs for snowplow drivers. City crews added emergency escape routes along Lake Shore Drive to avoid a repeat of the overnight snow jam.Why is Christmas? An autumn Christmas To Enjoy

Yet November has come and gone: No snow. Mild temperatures.

December is mostly gone: Almost no snow. More mild temperatures.

We know. A blizzard could hit any day. No one would be shocked. The southern Plains just got blanketed, after all.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate how the fates, with the help of prevailing winds, have held at bay the extreme cold and heavy snow so recently forecast for this season. Instead of the worst winter ever, Chicago has gotten one of the longest autumns in memory.

Bask in it while it lasts.


Why is Christmas? An autumn Christmas To Enjoy

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